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Do you ever wonder who uses Measure Square Commercial

4500 businesses use MeasureSquare everyday. Perhaps the competition have already made that decision 

Take M8 Commecial for a test drive, find out whats under the hood.
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MeasureSquare Highlights

  • AI: Auto Plan Recognition Still evolving, but showing the light of future takeoff estimating.
  • 3D Wall Design & Walk-Through Wow and win clients with 3D floor and wall design walk through.
  • Custom Tile Pattern Designer Create complex tile patterns with complex polygon shapes to win design projects
  • Handles Large Projects With 100+ PlansBullet-proof demonstrated by leading commercial users while competitors crash.
  • Instant Waste OptimizationAuto find minimum waste layout, cut sheet, self-coving, or stone nesting yield instantly.
  • Random Tile Layout With Percentages Random tile layout on floor and walls
  • Bid Professionally & Profitably Create professional bid packages and pricing options with protected profit.
  • Field & Office Collaboration M2 Cloud enables office & showroom collaboration with field reps to serve customers faster.
  • Integrated With Most ERP/CRM Integrated with popular accounting and B2B inventory systems

Road Map Get there quicker

Your subscriber experience starts with a dedicated support rep, access to internal video training resources, best practices, and a second-tier implementation and integration support team.

MeasureSquare On-boarding

1. Dedicated Customer Success Rep (CSR)  A CSR is assigned and responsible for your onboarding process

2. Complimentary Onboarding Sessions

Schedule staged web onboarding sessions with your CSR by your skill levels.

3. Access To Internal Training Materials

Search internal database, best practices and interact with the user community.

4. Get Support

Reach out to our support team by email, webchat, and phone M-F 8:30 - 5 pm AEST, +61 7 3166 9128

Why Switch to MeasureSquare 


  • Forget outdated manual estimation processes

  • Consider how your business will operate remotely

  • Link your team even if they are not located in your offices or store


  • One solution fully integrated, keep your team on the same page. 

  • Keep the doors open during COVID 19 

MeasureSquare Free Trial 

Sign up for 14-day free trial (No Credit Card Required)


Video Tutorials And Hands-On Exercises

Learn how to import a plan, set scale, trace rooms, assign products, and get an estimate layout, self-paced video tutorials for takeoff basic workflow. Sample database, plans, projects, and hand-outs are provided.


MeasureSquare PRO - Highrise - Multi-Family

$250.00 P/M or $2500.00 P/A  Two Months Free

Subscribe Now 


Get Support 


YouTube Channel

Advanced tutorials for commercial trades

Weekly Live Webinar

Join weekly live webinars by our support staff


Search KB, blog best practices to get your questions answered.

Give us a Call

+61 7 3166 9128

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