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Automate your product selection process

Work smarter, Property Link is perfect for residential property builders, social housing managers, real estate managers, flooring suppliers and insurance companies

Provide remote access to your product catalogue and allow clients to select and assign their choices for floor and wall products for their properties. A selection process designed to keep everyone in the loop.

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Roadmap to get you up-to-speed faster

Your subscriber experience starts with a dedicated support rep, access to internal video training resources, best practices, and a second-tier implementation and integration support team.

Road Map


1. Dedicated Customer Success Rep (CSR)  A CSR is assigned and responsible for your onboarding process

2. Complimentary Onboarding Sessions

Schedule staged web onboarding sessions with your CSR by your skill levels.

3. Access To Internal Training Materials

Search internal database, best practices and interact with the user community.

4. Get Support

Reach out to our support team by email, webchat, and phone M-F 8:30 - 5 pm AEST, +61 7 3166 9128


Property Link $2500.00 P/A

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Video Tutorials And Hands-On Exercises

Learn how to import a plan, set scale, trace rooms, assign products, and get an estimate layout, self-paced video tutorials for takeoff basic workflow. Sample database, plans, projects, and hand-outs are provided.


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YouTube Channel

Advanced tutorials for commercial trades

Weekly Live Webinar

Join weekly live webinars by our support staff


Search KB, blog best practices to get your questions answered.

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+61 7 3166 9128


  • Automate product selections for multi story appartment, large rental roles, managed commercial properties and insurance claims 
  • Linked directly to MeasureSquare sophisticated desktop estimation software
  • Fully integrated with MeasureSquare's mobile measuring, planning and estimation application M2 iPad and M2 Android
  • Bid faster, create multiple quotes at the click of a mouse
  • Share time critical data with your team and customers all via MeasureSquare web based solutions
  • Perfect for real estate businesses, insurance assessors, commercial property management companies, construction businesses, flooring companies any business requiring a complete end to end product and service management soultion
  • Give our team a call we want to hear about your specific teams processes. 
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