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Take a look what Measure Square can do for your team

What we stand for and why choose us 

Measure Square Corp strives to be a provider of world-class measure estimating technology and vigorous customer service by responding promptly to our clients to ensure they achieve their expected results.

Unique Support

Extremely responsive support service by live staff who help you solve issues quickly and adhere to your deadlines

Simple To Use

User friendliness is a major driver for our products and the reason 96% of our customers have stayed with us

Feature Rich

Our products are rigorously updated based on customer feedback for the past 15+ years, becoming extremely sophisticated

Robust Apps

Measure Square apps are capable of handling large scale commercial projects with hundreds of plans. Tools for the 21st century!

Top Features of Measure Square

Manage Hundreds Of Plans

Quickly import 100+ pages and navigate them easily to ensure accuracy on your takeoff

Autocomplete Features

Speeds up your takeoff by auto-adjusting to neighboring rooms and one-click finish

Custom Tile Pattern Designer

Create complex tile patterns with complex polygon shapes

Minimize Waste

Easily adjust seam location and product layout to optimize waste, avoid mishaps and win bids

Laser Accuracy

Measure onsite with a laser meter or takeoff from a PDF plan

Professional Bids

Easily generate professional bid packages, adjusted to local competition

MeasureSquare supports you with the most sophisticated tools in the industry.

Packages for every business

No contract. No setup fees. Support and updates included. All packages have 14 days free trial.

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